The Agrarian and Military Order of
Christ the King
The North American Commanderie - An Introduction
We of the North American Commanderie of The Agrarian and Military Order of Christ the King are comprised of Americans, Christians both by birth and adoption.  While we serve the Order in a variety of capacities as Brothers and Sisters, we have created the North American Commanderie with an American ‘flavor,’ created it to reflect the culture and traditions of the South where men are gentlemen, women are ladies, and where principles and conduct still mean something.
Ours is a heritage that runs deeper than simply a geographic location; it is timeless and harkens back to our ancestors, be they English, Irish, or Scot from isles across the pond, be they the wild Saxons from northern Germany, or be they rampaging Vikings from Scandinavia and Denmark.  It’s an attitude, a lifestyle, and a way of life from when men were men based on principled, traditional living and Christian values.  Where and when society deteriorates, we build; where and when culture erodes, we remain strong; where and when civilization crumbles, we survive, thrive, and rebuild.

Who We Are

Such a timeless question that has plagued man throughout the ages is no less important in current times. Hence, to provide a clearer picture of who we are as Brothers and Sisters of the Order I will answer this question in two ways, esoterically and exoterically.

The Esoteric ‘We’
We are traditional Americans who adhere to the founding principles that helped create this country.  We hold to traditional Southern values and believe that trust, respect, and rewards are earned through hard work, not given freely.  We subscribe to a Christian ethos, regardless of one’s denomination.  We are freedom-loving individuals, free-thinkers, and believers in the Constitution.  We conduct ourselves as gentlemen and ladies, adhering to the Southern principles as penned by George Washington in his short book Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation, as well as in letters by ‘Lighthorse’ Henry Lee, Robert E. Lee’s father.

The Exoteric ‘We’
We are individuals and families building a network and community with others of like-mind.  We are providers, growing and building so that future generations will once again have the American dream and a strengthened Western civilization.  We are protectors, guarding the gates against the barbarians who have invaded our lands and against those among us who have allowed it to happen.  They may come, but they will fall, for we will tolerate neither their rampage over our faith nor over our principles, culture and traditions.  We see what is coming…and we are preparing to survive and rebuild.

In the end, we are you…and you are us.  We are Americans.  We are the North American Commanderie of The Agrarian and Military Order of Christ the King.

Brother Michael, Master, November 15th, 2016